Marian Turski at the Media Festival

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After the screening of Ida and Irena dir. Piotr Morawski and Sierakowiak’s Journal dir. Michał Bukojemski we invited you to the meeting with the authors. Our special guest was Marian Turski, a Litzmannstadt Ghetto survivor.

The discussion was managed by Dr Katarzyna Mąka – Malatyńska, a film expert.

To ask if you’re more a Pole or a Jew is the same as to ask number 12 if it is more 1 or 2 – Marian Turski, who was a guest of the next meeting at the 26th Media Festival, commented on the issue of identity of the heroine of Ida and Irena.

The discussion between the directors of the presented films – Piotr Morawski and Michał Bukojemski, was to a great degree concentrated on archival materials.

– I do not use any in-betweens in my films – said Bukojemski, explaining his orthodox approach to the use of images from World War II. – I want my films to be regarded by future generations as source materials. Future generations could use them for learning.

In turn Morawski commented on his attempts to incorporate into his films visual documents that are not directly related to the narrated story: We, documentary film authors, often have problems reaching our protagonists. We look for some references, beliefs within the same culture. Photos are an attempt at making the viewer employ his/her imagination, at provoking the viewer.