The First Prologue of the 27th Media Festival

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On the 13th of January Zofia Kowalewska, the director of Close Ties, was a guest of the Film Museum.






Close Ties directed by Zofia Kowalewska – a student of the Łódź Film School – was shortlisted for Oscar together with 9 other titles. This means Close Ties could be nominated for the best documentary short. The final lists of 5 nominees will be published on January 24.

For me the weight of responsibility was greatest during editing of the film, when I had to decide what parts of the whole material should be included in the film. How to deal with it to be fair towards my grandparents whom I really love? And how to avoid being a prosecutor, a judge? I also had to remember about my dual role – a film director and a granddaughter whose work will be assessed by her family – said Zofia Kowalewska.