Idea of the Festival

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Man in Danger Festival features only documentary films and TV reportages talking about problems facing modern man and the way to overcome and prevent them.

Man in Danger Festival though intimate in form, is one of the most important Polish film festivals. Its beginnings date back to 1990 and are linked to political transformation in Poland and Eastern Europe.

This is one of the reasons why we focus on honesty, objectivity in film selection, broad spectrum of views. We are particularly focused on films that promote openness to other people as well as overcoming one’s own limitations in the mental, physical, political sphere and others.

Man in Danger Festival is a culmination of all-year activity of the Film Museum in Lodz, intended to promote documentary cinema – a noble but non-commercial branch of film industry, as well as focused on establishing of the widest possible creative forum for exchanging experience and views on the condition of modern man. Throughout the year we organise numerous meetings with documentary film (Festival Prologues) and try to reach with our screenings sensitive audience curious to explore the world.