Spring and summer prologues of the 28th Media Festival

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In April, May and June of 2018 we organise a series of Prologues of the 28th Media Festival outside our museum’s cinema. 5 screenings will take place in various small towns of the Łódź Voivodeship: Lipce Reymontowskie, Krośniewice, Bełchów, Warta and Brzeźnio.

We show important and interesting films of the previous editions of the Festival: Jurek, My Enemy, My Love, First Pole on Mars, Runners and Honey Hunters.

Jurek by Paweł Wysoczański tells the story of famous Polish alpine and high-altitude climber Jerzy Kukuczka.

“My first man was a German named Gunter” reveals Halina Zach, the protagonist of My Enemy, My Love by Krzystof Lang. The  interviews and archival photos of occupied Warsaw during the Second World War are supplemented with fragments of rehearsals for a theatre monodrama about love at the time of war.

The main character of the First Pole on Mars is Kazimierz who volunteered to programme Mars One. If he wins the qualifications, he will be the first man to land on the planet. He will reach it, but he will not return to the Earth…

Three runners. 240 kilometres. 52 hours of continuous struggle against the mountain trail and human limitations. Without a moment of sleep. Runners by Łukasz Borowski is an insight into the depths of human motivation to achieve the unachievable.

Honey Hunters is a film about a stunning exploration of honey bees, their habitats, and mankind’s relentless quest for their precious honey.