In memory of Wojciech Wiszniewski

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On October 26, at 6 PM, the Kinematograf Cinema will host the last prologue of this year’s Media Festival. The central figure of this meeting will be an excellent author of short films – Wojciech Wiszniewski.

Wojciech Wiszniewski held a record related to the number of films that were banned from circulation by censorship. He was nicknamed “Weirdo”, and described as a great personality of Polish cinema – “a rebel with a cause”. His first film, student etude Heart Attack was awarded in 1968 with an Honorary Diploma at the Oberhausen Festival. Most likely, it was the only film by Wiszniewski which did not have a conflict with censorship. Each consecutive film met with obstacles but Wiszniewski never gave up. He was a determined non-conformist.
Young filmmakers that started their careers in the 1970s, treated him as their guru, whom they could always ask for selfless help. They awarded him with one of the most important honors in his career, “Wektor” – granted to him for consistent creative approach and film-making achievement.
During our meeting with Wiszniewski’s work, we will show you the following films: “A ona za nim płakała” (And She Cried after Him) and “The Primer” as well as a documentary focusing on the director titled “Szajbus – film o Wojtku Wiszniewskim” (Weirdo – a Film about Wojtek Wiszniewski), made by his friend, Andrzej Mellina. A discussion session will be held after the screenings, which will be attended by the director’s friends. Finally, we will show you a film surprise that might turn out to be a wonderful discovery.
Admission is free.