The Prologue of the 28th Media Festival: By Stanley for Stanley

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At the Third Prologue of the 28th Media Festival which took place on the 27th of March we showed a film By Stanley for Stanley. Its director Monika Meleń and two main protagonists were present at the meeting and enthusiastically answered all of the audience’s questions.

The film was widely recognized at film festivals. Last year it received an honorable mention at the 27th Media Festival.

By Stanley for Stanley is a touching and full of empathy film documentary about the friendship of the painter Stanisław Kmiecik and the five-year-old Staś Salach. Despite the age difference, they both share the same name and disability which makes their relationship special. Due to the fact that they experience the world in a similar way – full of difficulties and barriers invisible to other people, their connection is unique.

The film and the meeting were translated into the sign language.