1957-2018: Poland and its people as seen through the eyes of foreign students

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Students from Finland, Marocco, Denmark, Peru, China… How did they perceive Poland 60 years ago? How do they see it now?

On the 12th of April, we would like to present 12 short films of which the oldest was created in 1957 and the latest in 2018. All of them were made by foreign students from Lodz Film School. Less than a two-hour screening will be preceded by an introduction by Andrzej Sapija, documentary filmmaker and Lodz Film School’s professor. A special guest will be Mo Tan – a Chinese student from Lodz Film School and the author of the latest film.

Admission is free.

Detailed programme:
1. Do It Yourself – a Diary of a Student of the Polish Film School (1987) 17’, dir. Jacques Louis Sennyey
Perks and perils of making a film in Lodz Film School.

2. Winter Reportage (1957) 7’, dir. Li Hi Sen
A Polish girl and a Chinese boy.  A love story in a mountain scenery.

3. The Chronicle of the Young. April – May 1960 (1960), 9′ dir. Wasyl Mirczew
Jazz and propaganda. Portrait of a generation that did not experience the war.

4. The Dusk (1967) 6’, dir. Jarmo Jaaskelainen
The elderly gentlemen come to the cafe.

5. The Joy of Life (1967) 4’, dir. Francisco Oscar Gamardo – 4’
An anonymous painter covers the walls of his home with paintings.

6. Wacław A. (1969) 6’, dir. Abdel Khader Lagtaa
Wacław A. plays the violin in cafes.

7. The Connection of the Hips (1969) 7’, dir. Anette Olsen
Learning the waltz or dancing at the discotheque?

8. Martha (1969) 6’, dir. Idriss Karim
Portrait of a hard-working woman, a single mother of three children.

9. The Prologue (1979) 14’, dir. Eduardo Coronado Quiroga
Students from abroad learn the polish language.

10. Ekos (1990) 11’, dir. Sergio Vega

11. Łódź. In the Search of Personal Time (2006) 12’, dir. Kim He Og
„Lodz seems to me as a fairy tale but it still is a strange place to me.”

12. Insomnia (2017) 17’, dir. Mo Tan
During the sleepless night, the film director grabs the camera.