• 28th Media Festival „Man in Danger” – call for submissions

    Film Museum in Lodz, the organizer of the 28th Media Festival „Man in Danger” announces the call for submissions of documentary films and reportages. The films will participate in Documentary Films Contest and Television Reportages Contest.

  • About the Festival

    Media Festival „Man in Danger”, which is organised by the Film Museum in Lodz, focuses on the most interesting documentaries concerning threats facing modern man. We present global risks noticed by artists such as fear of strangers, rejection of otherness, international conflicts and personal problems – coping with disability, the past or transsexuality. We show…

  • #Uploading_Holocaust

    On June 5th at 6 p.m we invite you to the last Prologue of the 28th Media Festival before summer.

  • Spring and summer prologues of the 28th Media Festival

    In April, May and June of 2018 we organise a series of Prologues of the 28th Media Festival outside our museum’s cinema. 5 screenings will take place in various small towns of the Łódź Voivodeship: Lipce Reymontowskie, Krośniewice, Bełchów, Warta and Brzeźnio.

  • 1957-2018: Poland and its people as seen through the eyes of foreign students

    Students from Finland, Marocco, Denmark, Peru, China… How did they perceive Poland 60 years ago? How do they see it now?

  • The Prologue of the 28th Media Festival: By Stanley for Stanley

    At the Third Prologue of the 28th Media Festival which took place on the 27th of March we showed a film By Stanley for Stanley. Its director Monika Meleń and two main protagonists were present at the meeting and enthusiastically answered all of the audience’s questions. The film was widely recognized at film festivals. Last year…

  • The Prologue of the 28th Media Festival: Piłsudski Bronisław – deportee, etnograph, hero

    On 20th of March we hosted Waldemar Czechowski, the creator of the film about Bronisław Piłsudski. The documentary „Piłsudski Bronisław: deportee, etnograph, hero” tells the extraordinary story of the less famous of the Piłsudskis family. He was the brother of Józef Piłsudski who was an activist for Polish independence and the first chief of state…

  • The Prologue of 28th Media Festival: Skibet/Hatikvah by Marian Marzynski

    On the 7th of March, the First Prologue of the 28th Media Festival took place. Our guest was Marian Marzyński – film director and ghetto survivor. Marzyński emigrated from Poland in 1969 after the March events of 1968. Soon after arriving in Denmark he made Skibet – the film about the immigration of Polish Jews.…

  • Awards of the 27th Media Festival “Man in Danger” have gone to their winners

    We already know the winners of this year’s Media Festival “Man in Danger”. Grand Prix – the Award of the City of Łódź and the White Cobra statuette went to Aniela Gabryel.

  • Festival Jury – Anna Zamecka

    We would like to introduce to you the first jury member of the competition of documentaries and reportages of  the 27th Media Festival – Anna Zamecka.